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Wellcome to: Birkl's TOYOTA Site
Uppdated!!! 050215 link to my work, the no1 speed shop.
Send me a pic of your TE-51 or KE-50.
And you will see them here

Toyota Corolla
KE-50 -78

Toyota Celica
RA-40 -80

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240z -73

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It's still alive, kicking other blue sports cars. :)

Earlier said: Updated facts:
I have learned one thing with car projects, The project never ends! Yhea it's time to change wheelberings an rebuild the engine.
And that's why it's so fun! it have been another fun vinter.
it's a daily driver now,  defenitly not a 402m race car.  It's a good vinter
drifter :)

The Clarion 
Componet stereo 
from -79 fitted..
  But who knows what might happen...


closer to main bering failure now..
The car is now painted in the same metalic blue colour as before. I have started to put it back together. The only thing that remains is to repaint the doors.  
Only some minor fixes left...
at this pic,
This is my 1978 Toyota
Corolla also known as
KE-50. The TE-51 model has the same body.
Under renovation, it will be painted in the blue   original collour.   
It was my grandfather that bought this car new in 1978. Thats one of the
reasons why i keept it.
Another reason is that I thik it's a cool car, and I just llike the 70's look.
The engine is an 3C-K 1200cc model.
The TE-51 came with a 1600cc, but it was never sold in Sweden what i know...
The front end of the car was in a bad shape. It had been smashed. The hood and front came from another car with a lot of rust, so I had to replace them again..
I had to replace the the floor as well, a lot of rust... I was planning to fit a 18R-C engine from the celica but ive changed my mind, im looking for a 1600cc engine instead.

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01-11-08 The first draft of this site.
02-01-22 My VW site is up! but not completed
02-05-26 A new pic 
of the toycar...
02-08-20 Some updates..
03-01-22 I finaly
updated some.

05-02-15 I finaly
did it again. long time since last...